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Talk To Me While I'm Listening

Nanci Griffith
I should have know that you were gone back in Germany You told me in the dark while I was sleeping Then you slept through the sunrise As it washed upon your face And all that I had heard were our hearts beating Chorus Talk to me while I'm listening now While this love has a voice that we both can hear Before you let it go The greatest love I've ever known Won't you please talk to me while I'm listening I cannot find a place to put this love away Or lost the thought of sunlight on your face I thought I heard your voice Say I love today But it was only the sound of my heart breaking Chorus How I wish that I could take us back to Germany And I would stay awake and you would talk to me Yet for every drop of rain I hear There's bound to fall another tear Upon this page of song of my heart aching Chorus


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