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New York City

Don Mescal
It's a crazy old day in New York city. I'm miles from home but I don't need pity, and I miss my friends my home town. Sunday morning shutters down. Radio from an open window. The smell of fried chicken and the sound of children, and skipping ropes and kiss and tell. I've missed my flight but what the hell. I am a stranger here New York city's not my home Monday morning rush is on. Everybody's waking at the crack of dawn, with sleepy eyes walking fast. Rushing for the train that you got to catch. Streets are full of navy cars. Fogged up windows and you can't get far, with traffic jams hooting horns. Cups of coffee from coffee bars. I am an stranger here and l could just disappear New York City's not my home Tuesday night was freezing cold. It rained for hours so I stayed indoors, and I counted time, one day to go Till I packed my bags and I'm going home JFK was packed that day. They drove me out in a Chevrolet. with my suitcase and my spirits high, I'm going home, New York goodbye. I am a stranger here and I could just disappear not my home New York City's not my home mmm Not my home New York City's not my home

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