Singers Steps Out of the Shadows

From Swindon Evening Advertiser - Wilshire

Irish singer Frances Black has been signed by Sony Records and is about to embark on a major British tour.

She has stepped out of the shadow of being Mary Black's little sister, having been voted number one female artist in Ireland, having her third album go platinum on the day of its release and releasing singles that hurtled to the top of the Irish charts.

Frances is coming to Swindon's Wyvern Theatre on October 17.

She is part of the Black family who are all musical. She started singing with them professionally in 1986 despite a set back the first time she stood on stage.

The young singer was so terrified that she could make no sound at all.

But in 1993 she made The Woman's Heart album featuring the best of Ireland's female singers and it has sold in excess of a million copies and was chiefly responsible for launching

her solo career. It is not only Europe which has taken Frances' haunting voice to its heart.

She had a warm welcome on the Guinness Celebration of Irish Music tour of Australia and New Zealand.

Frances is now about to release her latest album, Don't Get Me Wrong. Tickets to see Frances sing a mix of traditional Irish songs, upbeat country and funky jazz are £10. Telephone Swindon 524481.