10 Summer Nights (in Dublin)
Releases Record Company Catalogue Number
CD IT IS Records  
Release Year 2004

Frances' son Eoghan Scott, who also plays the bass guitar in Frances' band, has been part of a project called "10 Summer Nights". This was a series of ten concerts that was held in The Annesley House in Dublin in July 2004, to celebrate the first anniversary of the venue .The series featured some of the amazing artists that have played there during its first year as a live music venue. The complete line up for the series was:

Each concert was recorded for a compilation CD & DVD of the series, which was released in November 2004, called “10 SUMMER NIGHTS (in Dublin)”.

All proceeds from the sale of the CD/DVD will go to the BRAINWAVE charity. More information about this CD/DVD and the Brainwave charity can be found on http://www.10sn.info